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Aston Martin AMDS 2 Diagnostic System,Aston Martin AMDS II Diagnostic Tools Aston Martin AMDS Tester,OEM Aston Martin Diagnostic,Aston Martin Second generation new diagnosis.

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Aston Martin AMDS II Diagnostic Tester tools.
Language: English,Spanish,French,Dutch,Getman,Japanese,Italian,Chinese.
Delivery time: can be sent to any country within 18 days.
AMDS Tools include :
• Panasonic cf-54 computer
• AMDS I Diagnostic system
• AMDS II Diagnostic system
• Diagnostic Link Cable DLC
• VCI Communication Interface
• Intel network cable
• Package tool box
• USB cable
• AMDS user manual
• AMDS I License
• AMDS II account password

> The AMDS II software willneed a good Internet connection (minimum broadband speed of 2 Mbit/second) to make sure thatthe software is updated correctly.
> The AMDS license is free for 2 years. From the third year, the license renewal needs to pay 1600 USD per year, which can be paid to us or the official after-sales service of asduan Martin (after sales support contact attached to the tool).
> Amds2 needs online login user name and password (this is necessary for new model diagnosis, such as DBS DB11 DBX…),AMDS I  does not need account login,The AMDS II system is updated automatically.
> Support all asdo Martin vehicle Diagnostic Flash Coding Programming,It also supports the special functions of Aston Martin systems engineering mode,It also supports viewing of workshop repair manuals, wiring diagrams, technical bulletins, spare parts, and technical training,,,,. AMDS Equipped with the account can change their own password.
.Tool warranty period is 5 years. We also provide long-term technical service support. If the factory has a new diagnostic tester tool update Substitute, we can also recovery buy back your tools equipment.


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