Thank you for checking out our FAQ Support Center, the most frequently asked questions about our business and the products we currently offer can be found below, if you are looking for our policies, please navigate down to the bottom of the page and you will see Policy Terms. Please check each question so you can fully understand the service and quality we provide on

What are the advantages of your product and service support

We have more than twenty years of Super Luxury automobile Hypercar Supercar technical service experience, have excellent professional ability for vehicle service diagnosis,have rich experience in super luxury automobile service diagnostic technology,also have car factories technician engineer certification, also participate some automotive engineering tests and racing cars technical services,extensive oem automobile factory technical service department engineers support cooperation,our professional capabilities and advantages and powerful resources yes cannot be replicated,we have unique strengths in automobile repair diagnosis technical services and diagnostic tools and spare parts,we have strong service advantages and resource support.

Should I register before placing an order

You can click the product “Add to cart” – “View cart”- “Proceed to checkout” without registration,and fill in the settlement details to complete the payment order,When you purchase again, you only need to fill in the email to facilitate re-ordering. Registration is done automatically.
You can also register to become a premium member of “Super Luxury Cars Service Center”, save all your information in a safe place for better service support,for our VIP guests, you need to contact the customer service center for review.

How soon can I receive the shipment information after I place an order

If the product is ready to ship, we will email you a shipping confirmation email within 1-3 business days.
For different products, the delivery time is different, and the delivery method is also different. For details, please check the promised time on the product page.
For diagnostic tool tester equipment and parts, all orders are shipped by air and ground, our cargo shipping cooperation is DHL, UPS, TNT, EMS, FedEx, which can be shipped safely worldwide.
For online diagnostics Flash Coding programming services, software installations, we offer remote TeamViewer support services.
For downloadable items, the product is obtained through the download link, you will get the download link within the promised time of the relevant item, and you will also get the download link notification by email, usually it is very fast.

What is the return process

We accept hassle free 28 days returns,due to the variety and complexity of products, please check the terms and conditions of returns refunds on the page for the relevant return policy.

How can I contact you for support

You can contact online, Email, Phone, WeChat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, QQ, we usually reply quickly and promptly, due to the busy time due to dealing with a large number of things every day, usually get customer support within 24 hours Reply, special work support, we will make an appointment in advance to deal with it.
《Super Luxury Cars Service Center》,“”“WeChat=CarsTechService” “ ”.

How do I know if the product is compatible with me

As a buyer, you must check the description on the product detail page and cross-reference the information with the vehicle or electronic device that needs to work, or you can contact us for a consultation to ensure a perfect match.

Are all the items shown in stock

Yes, we have goods in stock for all items on the website, individual diagnostic tools or parts need to check the stock, if there is no excess stock, we can quickly order with the factory at any time.

Are all your products original

The diagnostic tester tools we provide are oem original, it is used at the dealer level, and even some are used at the factory service technical engineer level,all parts are oem original, and all technical information manuals and software systems are oem original. We do not Provide any other non-original diagnostic tools and parts.

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