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Xentry Diagnosis Kit 3, Mercedes Xentry Diagnosis 3 Tester, Benz Xentry Diagnostic Kit 3, Benz Xentry Diagnosis system, oem Mercedes Benz Xentry Diagnostic Tester.

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Mercedes Benz Xentry Diagnosis Kit3 Tester Equipment Tool.
Delivery time: can be sent to any country within 14 days.
The new diagnostic equipment Xentry Diagnosis Kit3 concept consists as usual of two components, the XENTRY Diagnosis Pad and XENTRY Diagnosis VCI. The main new feature compared to XENTRY Kit 2 is that the diagnosis software and all its applications have been moved onto the XENTRY Diagnosis Pad. Remote connection via XENTRY Control is thus eliminated. XENTRY Diagnosis VCI comes in a considerably smaller and sturdy design. It now only acts as an interface to the vehicle with no PC core.
The connection between XENTRY Diagnosis Pad and VCI is independent of the workshop infrastructure.Only XENTRY Diagnosis Pad is integrated. Connection between XENTRY Diagnosis Pad and XENTRY Diagnosis VCI is via a direct WLAN connection. Switching between Service 24h and workshop mode is therefore omitted in the field.

XENTRY Diagnosis Online update,Another new feature is online updating via the “XENTRY Update Service”. It provides the option of downloading diagnosis updates via the Internet onto a network storage, the “Retail Data Storage” and from there to XENTRY Diagnosis Pad via the workshop network. “Zero-time update” ensures that diagnosis software updates are transferred and installed on XENTRY Diagnosis Pad in the background. During this time, you can continue to work as usual. As soon as the process is finished, you are notified that you can change to the new version. This changeover takes about 5 minutes, after which you can continue to work with your XENTRY Diagnosis Pad as usual. With “Release management”, you have the option of switching between the current diagnosis software update and the predecessor update in a short time.Besides diagnosis software updates, Regio flash data and Digital Owner’s Manuals are also available “on demand” via the Retail Data Storage on XENTRY Diagnosis Pads.
New cable adapter The cables for the vehicle diagnosis have also been re-designed. There is now only one OBD cable, plus several adapter cables that can be connected to the OBD cable for special use cases.
Note: The option of offline updating via Blu-ray disc is still available.

XENTRY Diagnosis Kit3 Description:
• XENTRY Diagnosis Pad is integrated into your workshop infrastructure (necessary for online services)
• Diagnosis software is installed on XENTRY Diagnosis Pad (two partitions available)
• No XENTRY Diagnosis VCI release update necessary
• Connection between XENTRY Diagnosis Pad and XENTRY Diagnosis VCI is independent of the IT infrastructure
• Connection option via WiFi sticks or wired via USB cable
• XENTRY Diagnosis VCI (multiplexer) in compact and sturdy design
• with no PC core, battery, fan or display
• One VCI for all model series with OBD cable and adapter cables for special use cases

XENTRY Diagnosis Kit 3 Contents:
XENTRY Diagnosis Pad Tablet
XENTRY Diagnosis VCI multiplexer
XENTRY Diagnosis Docking station
XENTRY Diagnosis VCI OBD cable (16-pin)
XENTRY Diagnosis VCI Cable adapter (8-pin)
XENTRY Diagnosis VCI Cable adapter (14-pin)
XENTRY Diagnosis VCI Cable adapter (38-pin)
XENTRY Diagnosis VCI USB cable (5 m)
XENTRY Diagnosis User login account password
XENTRY Diagnosis Software update Blu-ray disc
XENTRY Diagnosis User and safety information
Blu-ray drive incl, USB Y connecting cable
Power supply unit incl,power supply plug
On-board charging cable (12/24 volt)
Xentry Measurement equipment tool
Xentry Diagnosis Tool carry case

※ The Measurement equipment is not included in the current price of the XENTRY Diagnosis Kit, it is available as an option at an additional cost. during the special period, the Measurement tool will be mandatory.
※ For commissioning and programming and coding of control units (XENTRY Flash operations),each user is mandatory through an additional second authentication,authentication will be via smartphone app or usb security key,this makes XENTRY Diagnosis is now becoming even more secure.
※ Currently only a small amount of XENTRY Diagnosis Kit3 is available, we recommend you to purchase the new XENTRY Diagnosis Kit4.

> Mercedes Benz Xentry Diagnosis all its Diagnostic functions are fully synchronized with the dealer,we can provide a higher authority MB Master Engineer account for Xentry Diagnosis,Xentry Diagnostics license is free for 24 months from activation. In the later period, you need to pay an annual fee of 1800USD per year. This fee is charged for us. If you pay for it yourself, the system will be higher than our fee.
> Mercedes Benz Xentry Diagnosis Tester warranty period is three years. we also provide long term Professional MB technical service support.
※ At Super Luxury Cars Service Center,the diagnostic tester tools we provide are all original factory dealer level diagnostics and engineering level diagnostics. have cooperated with oem vehicles factory for many years, also participate some automotive engineering tests and racing cars technical services,have excellent rich experience in super luxury automobile service diagnostic technology, also have technician engineer certification, extensive original factory service department engineers support cooperation. we have unique strengths in diagnosis technical services and diagnostic tools and spare parts. currently there are many third parties imitating us,over years we have never been surpassed,our professional capabilities and advantages and powerful resources cannot be replicated,we express that any other third parties have nothing to do with us. our focus the Hypercar Supercar international leading super luxury car technical service world global.


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