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Aston Martin AMDS Diagnostic Tools,Aston Martin AMDS Tester,Oem Aston Martin Diagnostic,Aston Martin AMDS Diagnostic System.

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Aston Martin AMDS Diagnostic Tester Tester Tools .
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AMDS (Aston Martin Diagnostic System) is a giant leap forward in diagnostic technology for Aston Martin vehicles. AMDS combines the ease of use and familiarity of normal Microsoft PC programs with a high specification laptop computer.
The diagnostic capabilities of AMDS include:
• EOBD Diagnostics
• OBDII Diagnostics
• Full DTC Read and Datalogger Diagnostics
• Full Vehicle Configuration
• Full Vehicle Software Updates

AMDS Tools include :
• Panasonic CF54 or CF19 computer
• AMDS Diagnostic System
• AMDS System License
• Diagnostic Link Cable DLC
• Diagnostic Link Cable OBD
• VCI Communication Interface
• USB Flash Drive
• USB Attach Cable
• Intel network cable
• AMDS User Manual
• AMDS Carry case

※ Aston Martin AMDS It does not support new models (such as DBS DB11 DBX…), if you need a new diagnosis, we recommend buying AMDS2, In AMDS2 it also covers the old AMDS system.

> AMDS Applicable Vehicles : DB9 DBS One-77 Rapide RapideS Lagonda Taraf Vanquish Vulcan Virage V8-Vantage and V8-VantageS V12-Vantage V12-VantageS Virage DB7 Cygnet DB6 DB5.
> Aston Martin Oem AMDS uses standard Panasonic CF19 or CF54 Toughbook computer,This needs to be checked according to the OEM inventory when ordering. For two different computers, their functions are the same.
> Tool warranty period is 5 years. We also provide long-term technical service support.

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    Tool received, After testing, everything is perfect. Thank the seller.

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