Volvo VIDA,Engineer Development Mode,Engineering Mode,Dealer Development Mode,Dealer Workshop Mode,Independent Workshop Mode.
Volvo VIDA Engineer Development Mode:Advanced diagnosis functions, engineering mode diagnosis,special Apps, vehicle software offline download,Change configuration activation hidden features,Turn on Special functions.
Volvo VIDA Dealer Mode:Have complete diagnostic work, technical information query, software online subscription and download. In development mode covers all functions the ordinary version Vida.
VOLVO DMS:DMS (Dealer Management System) can be connected to VIDA and makes it possible to, among other things, retrieve prices and stock status. A DMS connection also enables access to customer details and vehicle history as well as transferral of the work list to the DMS. For users who do not have access to a DMS, these functions are not visible in VIDA.
VOLVO PIE:PIE (Product Information Exchange) is a Volvo Cars system for managing software packaging for vehicles. When a VIDA user orders software, PIE is contacted in order to validate the order. Thereafter the order is packaged with the software required for the selected vehicle. The order is then electronically sent to VIDA for vehicle download.
VOLVO TIE:TIE (Technical Information Exchange) is a Volvo Cars system used for reporting errors and distributing information. Whether or not a user has full access to the TIE system depends on which sales company the user belongs to. VIDA is adapted depending on the user’s access privileges to the system.
VIDA ADMIN:VIDA Admin is used to administrate users, installations and subscriptions for VIDA applications. VIDA Admin also creates the license key that is retrieved to activate a VIDA installation. VIDA Admin is e.g. used by VIDA administrators in order to set up VIDA workstations, common quick links, shared network drive and to select the functions users should have access to, Different users have different permission assignment functions.
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