Volvo Change configuration upgrade Activation Hidden Features :
CMA P6 SPA P5 P3 P2 P1

Cancel speed limit 180km
Carplay automatic activation
Android automatic activation
Lifting restrictions while driving Video
Eu Usa vehicle Change of region
Turn off automatic start-stop system
Upgrade Polestar
Navigation activation
Upgrade Cruise Control
Upgrade Car Computer
Upgrade heating seat
Upgrade ventilation
Upgrade Audio System
Parking heater timer
Upgrade Blind Point Information System
Open remote start parking heater
Adjust the ventilation timer
Activate Sensus navigation
Activate Sensus Connect
Upgrade automatic anti-glare
Upgrade camera and panoramic image
Diesel car pressure sensor every Dtc
ECU Electronic Module data repair
Upgrade TFT instrument cluster
Deactivation of neutral control
SRS Dtc software repair
Upgrade Lighting system
Speed Speed Adjustment
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