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McLaren MDS3 MTC engineer Diagnostic Tester Tools.
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Delivery time: can be sent to any country within 16 days.
> McLaren Diagnostic System (MDS) is McLaren Dealer Diagnostic Tool, for Mclaren vehicle diagnosis and Software update,fault finding and control unit Coding Flash Programming,allows the team to gather all the required information required to diagnose and repair faults, or reflash control units to a new software platform. MDS system has automatic update.McLaren MDS3 adoption brand new diagnostic computer,equipped with new third generation VCI diagnostic interface,Hardware gets a good boost,it works more efficiently.
※ McLaren MDS3 MTC engineer Diagnostic Tester Tools,Possess a McLaren factory service technical support engineer license and account password, It is more convenient to solve more vehicle failure problems that cannot be solved by dealers,for information, please contact us.
> McLaren MDS diagnostic software running on Windows 10, with valid McLaren mds license, connected to the vehicle OBD via the Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI). To configure the interface to work with the MDS, there is a separate program to initialise the Wi-Fi connection and set up a network. can be installed as per the installation guide. system login account password can be modified by yourself.
McLaren MDS once the VIN is successfully recognised and the Work Package is confirmed, the MDS launches the Vehicle Information page.
The Vehicle Information tab contains the following quick test information:
▪ ECUs recognised on the CAN network.
▪ Software version of the unit.
▪ Hardware version of the unit.
▪ Number of confirmed DTCs.
▪ Software update availability.

> The MDS Diagnostic system is preinstalled with the following:
▪ Softing DTS7 Layer. the Softing DTS7 is a quick access binary database used to convert Hexadecimal output from the vehicle into a set of values for the MDS application. It is installed and configured during the initial setup and should not be uninstalled or reconfigured in any way, as this may cause the MDS application not to work.
▪ VCI Manager for configuring vehicle communication devices
▪ The VCI Manager can be accessed from the desktop and is used to configure the VCI for communication with the vehicle
▪ MDS Diagnostic Application
▪ The MDS launches using the stethoscope button
▪ Other related applications

> McLaren MDS License account password:
Purchases of all MDS and VCI units from McLaren factory service department include 24-month MDS valid licences. for ease of management we usually set a 12-month period for McLaren dealer. The Licence agreement for using the diagnostic application runs for 24 months. After this 24-month period elapses the application will cease working and a new key will be required. Your may contact McLaren service support engineer or contact representative Super Luxury Cars Service Center can assist with this requirement.
To activate a licence:
lnstall the MDS software and select “SETLICENCE’.
Copy the code in the window and send this code to your Service Support Engineer.
McLaren Technical Service Engineering Department will create a username, password and licence for the user based on the code supplied.
McLaren Service Engineering will send the customer the licence file which is to be saved locally on the User computer.
Select “SET /CHO0SE LICENCE’ from the main login page of the MDS. and navigate to the McLaren Service Support supplied licence file.
Log into the MDS with the supplied login credentials.
There is no additional charge for the tester for the McLaren MDS III for two years after activation. McLarent MDS system accounts will be charged 1800usd per year from the third year onwards.

> McLaren MDS allows the user to read and clear fault codes, diagnose and resolve technical issues, and reflash the software in the electrical modules. The system is very useful for trackside support and McLaren service Support Engineers can remotely control the software providing the user has a Wi-Fi connection.
McLaren MDS main function tasks:
▪ Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)
▪ Fault Finding RCA
▪ Read and clear DTCs
▪ Control Unit Identification
▪ Control unit Reprogramming
▪ Identify software version on each control unit
▪ Reflash control units if software is updated
▪ ECU Coding flash programming
▪ End of line procedures
▪ Actuators testing
▪ Actual values
▪ Sequences

> McLaren MDS III Tester Tool KIT checklist:
▪ Mclaren MDS III Diagnostic Computer
▪ Mclaren MDS III portable keyboard
▪ Mclaren VCI III Diagnostic Adapter
▪ Mclaren MDS Diagnostic System
▪ Mclaren MDS account password
▪ Mclaren MDS Docking Station
▪ Mclaren MDS system License
▪ Mclaren MDS PicoScope
▪ Mclaren OBD Adapter
▪ Mclaren MDS Battery
▪ Mclaren MDS Charger
▪ Mclaren MDS DLC Cable
▪ Mclaren MDS USB Lead
▪ Mclaren MDS Ethernet cable
▪ Mclaren MDS Tool carry case
▪ Mclaren Wireless Access Point
▪ Mclaren MDS Warranty Brochure
▪ Mclaren MDS Training Manual
▪ Mclaren Technical information
▪ Measuring equipment case
▪ Mclaren MDS User Guide

> McLaren MDS3 tools are guaranteed for 5 years, and we also provide long-term professional technical service support. we can also buy back your old tools equipment if you need to replace the new diagnostic tools. for more information on the McLaren MDS Diagnostic Tool please contact us.
※ At Super Luxury Cars Service Center,the diagnostic tester tools we provide are all original factory dealer level diagnostics and engineering level diagnostics. have cooperated with oem vehicles factory for many years, also participate some automotive engineering tests and racing cars technical services,have excellent rich experience in super luxury automobile service diagnostic technology, also have technician engineer certification, extensive original factory service department engineers support cooperation. we have unique strengths in diagnosis technical services and diagnostic tools and spare parts. currently there are many third parties imitating us,over years we have never been surpassed,our professional capabilities and advantages and powerful resources cannot be replicated,we express that any other third parties have nothing to do with us. our focus the Hypercar Supercar international leading super luxury car technical service world global.


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