Lamborghini LARA VAS ODIS Diagnostic Tester Tools $23,000.00
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Lamborghini LARA VAS-PC, Lamborghini LARA VASPC Diagnostic Tool,Lamborghini LARA VASPC  Scan Tester,Oem Lamborghini LARA VASPC Diagnostic Tester Tool.

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Lamborghini LDAS LARA VASPC Diagnostic Tester Tool.
Language: English,Italian,German.
Delivery time: can be sent to any country within 12 days.
> LDAS is provides diagnostics based on the CAN bus interface between the computer and the vehicle controls.Can monitor engine status parameters, provide engine tuning and diagnostics (including OBD II) all the information needed.full sensor readings and engine balance. Gives you real time engine data and sensor monitoring. It also provide tuning capabilities to adjust and save throttle body position and response, foot pedal positions and response, and well as lift system adjustments.
> LARA provides complete diagnostics for Lamborghini vehicle ECUs. for example the Murcielago Gallardo Diablo, Fault read and clear,Control unit basic settings,Control unit software update, flash programming,Remote control key programming learn,ZKE system, ILM ECU, Radio and HiFi system, AC and Climate control system, AirBag control and reset, LIE and EGear ECUS. The most important feature is the ability to run the Purge, Prime, and reset the Kiss point on ALL Murciealgo and Gallardo E-Gear clutches. allow you to recalibrate the E-Gear system and diagnose eGear related problems. NOT just measure life left on the clutch, but you can RESET it too.
> LARA diagnostic system function modes includes automatic mode and analysis mode. in automatic mode,can be automated a series of tasks,such as settings, ECU checks, remote key resynchronization, etc., after replacing some electronic equipment control units in the car, if you want to re-enable these devices, you need to run this mode. In analysis mode, can be manually controlled each piece of onboard electronics,Display of identification data and functional parameters, display and reset of any errors in the control unit, active testing (via special files such as “measurement files”) to monitor the required parameters.
> VAS-PC diagnostic system is used for vehicle diagnostic programming workshop work, through the Lamborghini VAS PC software, the components installed on the vehicle can be synchronized with the virtual vehicle configuration in the product database, Vehicle communication connection via remote diagnostic head VAS 5055/4 (wireless or wired) combined with VASPC diagnostic software. The VAS PC software then enables the exchange of information between the vehicle and the product database. VASPC features guided fault finding diagnostics, it is easy to follow step by step instructions and if any faults are found, the appropriate test program is loaded to correct them.
> VAS-PC its main functions include running guided fault diagnosis, reading/deleting control unit DTC fault codes, reading measurement parameters, adaptive matching, component testing, ECU control unit software update, ECU coding flashing programming, SVM software version management, firmware update, vehicle key adaptation programming, immobilizer matching programming, interrogate anti theft PIN code, function adjustment…
The new Gallardo LP560-4 Spyder is fitted with a modern electronic immobilizer called “Immobilizer IV with download”. the anti-theft device prevents the ignition of the vehicle if the control unit or the keys are not original or have been tampered with. the replacement of parts involved in the Immobilizer 4 must be managed using the Lamborghini VAS-PC software.

Lamborghini LaRA-AS Diagnostic system main functions:
• ECU Identification (Part number, Software version and status)
• Read Fault code Memory,Erase Fault Code Memory
• • E-gear Snap,Egear Snap file reading
• Automatic ECU Check write coding and programming
• Control Unit Identification (Displays a list of every control unit in the car, including the part number and software version)
• Setting the ABS/ESP control unit “AirBag” (Gallardo (Murcielago and Diablo use the ABS/Airbag separate software and hardware)
• Setting the A/C control Unit Functions
• Actuator testing (Waring lights, Antitheft and door closure, lights, wiper and nozzels test, ESP lock and unloc, Radio speakers, Navigation speaker, TV Tuner, Climat control flap test)
• Egear flash programming (Pump bleeding, read and write clutch functions)
• Transport and normal setting (for transporting vehicle)
• E-gear PIS valve procedure
• Gallardo Spyder Soft top calibration
• Gallardo Spyder and Murci Roadster Roll over protection testing
• RNSE Navigation Radio functions
• Automatic analysis ECU installation of new software download upgrades
• Market Changing (Turing on and off the DTRL (Daytime Running lights)
• Initial Cluster and Mileage Setting
• Real time data capture
• Remote control key programming learn
• Online software update and upgrade

Lamborghini LDAS-32 Diagnostic system main functions:
• Display of stored fault information in accordance with OBD II technical specifications, without the use of scanning tools
• engine status can be displayed at the Real time so that necessary adjustments
• Data stored by ECU acquired during engine operation can be downloaded and saved in files
• Display of real time all of the engine sensors for both banks
• Immobilizer data, displays the Timer status for the theft detection system
• Lifting system Diagnostics for Hydraulic ECU pressure, User button control status, Solenoid vale control, Target reach, upper and lower limit pressures, Pressure sensor diagnostic, Up and down vale diagnostics
• VIS/VVT control, Manual fan energizing, control manual activation of the air pump
• GFA data logger (Top speed, how long the event lasted, operation time of Injection system
• MAP real time strip screen for calibrating Throttle bodies
• Misfire bank status and cylinder identification
• Total engine operating time display
• Accelerator pedal adjustment and Engine Idle speed adjustment
• Display Type of map, version, year, VIN of the ECU’s
• Warning tables & Errors
• Reset Diagnostic data

LDAS LARA VASPC Diagnostic Tools Kit :
– Diagnostics PC Laptop Panasonic cf-54
– Diagnostics Laptop Power cord and battery
– LARA adapter Basic XS diagnostics interface
– LARA adapter diagnostics interface grey color
– LARA adapter diagnostics interface black color
– VAS 5054/5 Adaptor Diagnostic interface kit
– LDAS adapter diagnostics interface
– LDAS GFA+LIE CAN Interface cable
– Abs Airbag adapter CAN Interface cable
– Abs Airbag adapter K Interface cable
– Adapter Cable LIE+Egear
– Adapter Cable ABS
– USB Interface cable
– Serial Connector
– Break out box
– Frontpanel LIE + Egear
– AIR Bag Simulator
– Frontpanel ABS
– Web Token
– Geko Token
– Ethernet cable
– Lamborghini CD DVD
– Hardware Encryption key
– Lamborghini Wiring diagram
– Lamborghini Workshop manual
– LARA Diagnostic system License
– VASPC Diagnostic system License
– LARA Diagnostic application software
– VASPC Diagnostic application software
– LDAS Diagnostic application software
– LDAS-32 Diagnostic system manuals
– LARA-AS Diagnostic system manuals
– VAS-PC Diagnostic system manuals
– Lamborghini Diagnostic tool carry case
– Diagnostics Laptop bag
– Warranty brochure
– Quick guide

LDAS LARA VASPC Support model:
Lamborghini Diablo SV VT GT SVR GTR
Lamborghini Murcielago Coupe and Roadster
Lamborghini Murcielago LP640-4 Coupe
Lamborghini Murcielago LP640-4 Roadster
Lamborghini Murcielago LP650-4 Roadster
Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 Superveloce
Lamborghini Reventon Coupe and Roadster
Lamborghini Gallardo Coupe and Spider
Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera
Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-2 Anniversario
Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Coupe and Spider and SuperTrofeo
Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 Coupe and Spider and SuperTrofeo
Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 SuperLeggera and Performante
Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 SuperTrofeo and SquadraCorse
Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Coupe and Roadster
and other all years Gallardo Murcielago Diablo models…..

> Lamborghini LARA LDAS VASPC Diagnostic system is no extra charge for the tester within three years after activation. from the four year on,LARA system will be charged renewal License 600usd per year.
Lamborghini diagnostic tool warranty period is four years. we provide long-term professional technical service support. can also recovery buy back your tools equipment.
※ At Super Luxury Cars Service Center,the diagnostic tester tools we provide are all original factory dealer level diagnostics and engineering level diagnostics. have cooperated with oem vehicles factory for many years, also participate some automotive engineering tests and racing cars technical services,have excellent rich experience in super luxury automobile service diagnostic technology, also have technician engineer certification, extensive original factory service department engineers support cooperation. we have unique strengths in diagnosis technical services and diagnostic tools and spare parts. currently there are many third parties imitating us,over years we have never been surpassed,our professional capabilities and advantages and powerful resources cannot be replicated,we express that any other third parties have nothing to do with us. our focus the Hypercar Supercar international leading super luxury car technical service world global.


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