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Bentley VAS ODIS Diagnostic Tester Scan Tool.
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Bentley ODIS service diagnostic system. offboard diagnostic information system (ODIS) service program is used in the field of workshop diagnosis. Its main functions include through with guided fault finding diagnosis assist vehicle repairs,identify vehicle control modules,reading control units DTC memory entries,SVM software version management,ECU control units coding flashing programming,software update upgrade,component protection,measurement support,function adjustment reset calibrate,access complete workshop technical service information.
Offboard Diagnostic Information System (ODIS) is a system specially developed by Volkswagen Group for vehicle fault diagnosis and maintenance,service is designed for all brands in the Volkswagen group. new generation ODIS of diagnostic systems will replace the VAS-PC. the ODIS is very powerful diagnostic resource, capable of comprehensive vehicle diagnosis, can complete every function require by workshops and technician. the professional Bentley ODIS diagnostic system is Bentley exclusive special version,cannot be used on other brands of cars.
the Bentley ODIS diagnostic information system for management of diagnostics work of the complete electronic vehicle platform of the following Bentley models: Bentayga series models,Continental series models,Flying Spur series models, Continental GT GTC series models,Mulsanne series models, and future updated models.

Bentley ODIS Diagnosis, in the diagnostic starts working,connection to the vehicle is established, the login into the group Bentley systems is completed, vehicle is identified. can performed automatic or manual identified vehicle,in identified the vehicle control module after,performed starting GFF guided fault finding workshop work. In the test plan and special functions section, execute start module and traversal test, automatic calculated test plan, adjust if necessary. at end of work, the test plan and special features are available to guide troubleshooting. completion of GFF tests is the focus of the working with guided fault finding section.In the end diagnosis section, the diagnostic session is completed with the clearing of the DTC memory, the performing of end modules and the option for feedback.In addition to the guided fault finding test plan, diagnostic entrance without guided fault finding is also called self-diagnosis quick entrance diagnostics,self diagnostics provide user selectable access to control device or vehicle concrete diagnostic functions.
Bentley ODIS Flashing control unit module,ECU programming,The process used in Flashing mode is very similar to Diagnosis mode, When entering the flashing process, the vehicle is connected to the tester and identified, login to the group Bentley systems is completed, an order is selected for the session and the control modules are identified, the Flash programs determined for the vehicle can then be performed.
Bentley SVM software version management, SVM was developed to ensure the are correct hardware and software for each ECU of the vehicle. software version management system allows you to update and/or configure the control unit module ECUs across the entire Bentley platform vehicles (eg after replacing ECU) via a network connection,adapt the electronic control units to the configuration of vehicles,you must have Lamborghini Geko account to perform SVM operations. SVM check vehicle configuration,by comparing the current vehicle data with the stored server data, ensures that all control units that are installed in the vehicle have the same part numbers, software versions, coding, and parameter data that were last recorded, If any discrepancies are found, SVM will display notifications and respond to work instructions (Update ECU software,ECU Coding,ECU Setting parameters,ECU Calibration…).
During the ODIS diagnosis vehicle work process,can also access the following information: Vehicle data,After-sales service technical manual,Repair manual,Body repair,Maintenance guide,Functional structure, Electrical wiring diagram,Technical product information bulletin……

Bentley VAS6160 VAS6150 (Contains diagnostic interface and user name and all other attachments):
Bentley VAS 6160E – VAS ODIS Diagnosis System Getac Tablet Diagnostics Tester Complete kit 21000USD
Bentley VAS 6150E – VAS ODIS Diagnosis System Getac Laptop Diagnostics Tester Complete kit 21000USD
Bentley VAS 6150B – VAS ODIS Diagnosis System Panasonic Laptop Diagnostics Tester Complete kit 18000USD
Bentley VAS 6160C – VAS ODIS Diagnosis System Panasonic Tablet Diagnostics Tester Complete kit 19000USD
Bentley VAS 6160A – VAS ODIS Diagnosis System Panasonic Tablet Diagnostics Tester Complete kit 19000USD
Bentley VAS 6150C – VAS ODIS Diagnosis System Panasonic Laptop Diagnostics Tester Complete kit 18000USD
Bentley VAS 6150D – VAS ODIS Diagnosis System Panasonic Laptop Diagnostics Tester Complete kit 18000USD

Bentley VAS ODIS main function:
• Guided Fault Finding Diagnostic
• Guided Diagnosis Reprogramming
• Reading Control Units Fault Code
• Deleting Control Units Fault Code
• Disabling Component Protection
• Replacing Immobilizer Components
• Reading Control Unit Measured Parameters
• Running SVM Software Version Management
• Support Function for Control Unit Replacement
• Control Modules Software Update Upgrade
• ECU Control Unit Flash Programming
• ECU Control Modules Coding
• Key Adaptation Programming
• Remove Component Protection
• Read measurement data block
• Set the service provider code
• Send car chassis number
• OBD-II diagnostic function
• Reading identification data
• Reading Measured values
• Control Unit identification
• Reset Calibrate function
• Adaptation values reset
• Function Adjustment
• Function Activation
• Special Functions
• Basic Settings
• Actuator Test
• Measurement function
• ElsaPro Techinfo System

Bentley ODIS Diagnostic Tool KitI checklist:
• Bentley VAS ODIS Diagnostic Laptop or Tablet
• Bentley VAS 6154/A Diagnostic interface kit
• Bentley ODIS Diagnostic Laptop Mains lead
• Bentley ODIS Diagnostic laptop spare battery
• Bentley VAS Diagnostic Docking Station
• Bentley ODIS Diagnostic System
• Bentley ODIS Diagnostic License
• Bentley ODIS Username Password
• Bentley ODIS GeKO token verification
• Bentley Wiring Harness Repair Measuring kit
• Bentley VAS Oscilloscope test instrument set
• Bentley VAS Hardware Manual
• Bentley VAS ODIS Diagnostic System User Guide
• Bentley VAS ODIS Diagnostic Tool Kit Warranty Guide
• Bentley VAS ODIS Diagnostic Technical Training manual
• Bentley VAS ODIS Diagnostic Tool Kit Storage Case
• Bentley Car Battery charger
• Bentley VAS DVD Drive
• Bentley Work Clothes

> Bentley VAS ODIS Diagnostic Tool, all its functions are fully synchronized with the dealer. there is no additional fee for three years, from the fourth year onwards, will be charged $1600 per year for the license and login account.
> Bentley VAS ODIS Tester Tool warranty period is five years. We also provide long term Professional technical service support, can also recovery buy your tools equipment.
※ At Super Luxury Cars Service Center,the diagnostic tester tools we provide are all original factory dealer level diagnostics and engineering level diagnostics. have cooperated with oem vehicles factory for many years, also participate some automotive engineering tests and racing cars technical services,have excellent rich experience in super luxury automobile service diagnostic technology, also have technician engineer certification, extensive original factory service department engineers support cooperation. we have unique strengths in diagnosis technical services and diagnostic tools and spare parts. currently there are many third parties imitating us,over years we have never been surpassed,our professional capabilities and advantages and powerful resources cannot be replicated,we express that any other third parties have nothing to do with us. our focus the Hypercar Supercar international leading super luxury car technical service world global.


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