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Bosch 6531,Bosch MTS 6531,Bosch VCI 6531,Bosch MTS 6531 Tester,Bosch 6531 Kit,Bosch MTS 6531 With P2P WiFi VCI Diagnostic interface tool kit.

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Bosch MTS 6531 VCI Diagnostic interface kit, MTS 6531 With P2P WiFi Kit.
Delivery time: can be sent to any country within 15 days.
Bosch MTS 6531 VCI offers OEMs flexibility for current vehicle architectures as well as a growth path for the future including DoIP and CAN-FD. MTS 6531 offer a wide application range far beyond standard vehicle communications leading to reduced investment costs for workshops.
MTS 6531 VCI is a high-performance interface device measuring instrument used to link a host PC with a vehicle’s ECU network. used by professional technicians as an aid in,diagnosing and repairing automotive electrical and electronic systems.The MTS 6531, part of the Bosch MTS 653x Series of VCI products, is the most capable variant designed to diagnose vehicle problems and re-flash ECU’s. Additionally, the software application with MTS 6531 can be used to measure voltage levels, for example.
MTS 6531 Base Kit includes connecting cables and hardware needed,to transfer data and reprogram ECUs on vehicles through the diagnostic connector.

For the Bosch MTS 6531VCI kit, Super Luxury Cars Service Center provide original OEM supply, wholesale and retail supply for all dealers or independent workshops and scientific research institutions. At the most, we can provide a single shipment of 20-50 sets of MTS6531 at the same time, and include all original Bosch related invoices (the amount in the Bosch invoice will be less than the amount of our supplier, please contact us before purchasing if you have any questions).
We can provide all Bosch diagnostic interface tools, as well as Bosch related workshop-specific tools and equipment, such as Bosch VCI MTS 6534 6531 6517 6516 6513 6512, ADAS tool. for details please contact Super Luxury Cars Service Center.
Please note that we have received relevant notifications from Bosch that some unscrupulous people have cloned the Bosch VCI. It is not the real MTS6531 and cannot work completely. All Bosch MTS6531s will have a different unique device identification number.

Workshop efficiency: Setting an industry benchmark for J2534 VCI pass-through performance with its 800 MHz processor, optimized software structure and faster boot up time. In addition, the VCI software facilitates secure immobilizer system reprogramming strategies.
Embedded applications: The Bosch MTS 6531 VCI includes an embedded runtime framework which enables the VCI to run embedded applications. This enables a wide range of use cases e.g. drive recorder, parking lot re-flash (standalone reflash), and diagnostic runtime.
Hardware features: The MTS 6531 supports an extended temperature range of -20 to +70 °C, sleep/wake modes, IP54 protection and is capable of storing data in the VCI e.g. drive recorder log files.
Workshop flexibility – embedded web-server: Embedded web server supports external browser-based display devices via HTML for an extended range of service bay use cases.
Support for future vehicle architectures: DoIP (Diagnostics over IP), CAN FD (Flexible Data rate CAN) and three independent CAN Controllers enable the MTS 6531 to support the newest and most advanced vehicle electrical architectures.
Expandable support for vehicle protocols: MTS 6531 can support virtually any vehicle communication protocol including current industry standard protocols as well as OEM Proprietary and legacy protocols. the expansion board provides a cost effective path for adding OEM required protocols as well as new protocols in the future.
Advanced Security Features: The MTS 6531 prevents unauthorized access to the VCI itself or the vehicle it is connected to. It is also protected against cloning.
Support of 24V System: The MTS 6531 VCI input voltage range is from 6 to 32 volts. The MTS 6531 can support 24 volts systems used in light and heavy trucks.

MTS 6531 VCI Kit Component Details :
Bosch MTS 6531 VCI Diagnostic interface tester 1699200338
Bosch MTS 6531 DLC Diagnostic connection cable 1699200366
Bosch MTS 6531 USB connecting cable F00K108653
Bosch MTS 6531 Ethernet connecting cable 1684465811
Bosch MTS 6531 Wireless WiFi USB adapter 1689989305
Bosch MTS 6531 Test adapter (self-test) 1699200154
Bosch MTS 6531 Quick start guide 1689989442
Bosch MTS 6531 information safety instructions 1689989443
Bosch MTS 6531 VCI user manual 1689989445
Bosch MTS 6531 warranty manual 1699200078
Bosch MTS 6531 kit invoice (Original factory)
Bosch MTS 6531 kit invoice (Agent supplier)
Bosch MTS 6531 kit branded storage case

Supported Standards:
• ISO 22900-2 – Diagnostic PDU API
• J2534-1 Pass-Thru Programming API
• J2534-2 Optional Pass-Thru Features API

PC Host Interfaces:
• USB 2.0 – Type B connector (x1)
• 802.11 b/g/n WiFi
• Ethernet 10/100

VCI Manager PC Software Application:
• Device Busy/Wireless/Detection Indication
• Software and Firmware Update Tool
• Wired/Wireless Connection Management

VCI Physical Layer Interfaces:
• Channel 1 at 125/250/500/1000kbps
• Channel 2 at 125/250/500/1000kbps
• Channel 3 at 125/250/500/1000kbps
• Two UART channels (K & L Lines)
• One J1850
• One J1708

Protocol Interfaces:
• SAE J1939 (3 independent channels)
• SAE J1708/J1587
• SAE J1850 VPW / PWM
• SAE 2740 (GM UART)
• SAE J2818 – KWP1281
• SAE J2284 at 125/250/500kbps
• SAE J2411 (GM Single Wire CAN)
• SAE J2610
• ISO 13400 – DoIP
• ISO 15765
• ISO 14230 – KWP 2K
• ISO 9141-2
• ISO 11898-1 CAN-FD
• ISO 11898-3 (Fault Tolerant CAN)
• GMW 3110 (GM LAN)
• ISO 11992-1 DW CAN

Other Interfaces:
• Pin voltage Measurement
• Programming Voltage Generator
• Internal Temperature Sensor
• Wake up and Sleep Functions
• IP54 Compliant
• Power through DLC or USB Type B Connector

> We provide a two-year warranty for the Bosch MTS6531 tool (if the fault is confirmed, it will only be replaced and not repaired). If you need other Bosch VCI tester diagnostic interfaces, please contact us for consultation.
※ At Super Luxury Cars Service Center,the diagnostic tester tools we provide are all original factory dealer level diagnostics and engineering level diagnostics. have cooperated with oem vehicles factory for many years, also participate some automotive engineering tests and racing cars technical services,have excellent rich experience in super luxury automobile service diagnostic technology, also have technician engineer certification, extensive original factory service department engineers support cooperation. we have unique strengths in diagnosis technical services and diagnostic tools and spare parts. currently there are many third parties imitating us,over years we have never been surpassed,our professional capabilities and advantages and powerful resources cannot be replicated,we express that any other third parties have nothing to do with us. our focus the Hypercar Supercar international leading super luxury car technical service world global.


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