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McLaren Diagnostic System (MDS) is McLaren Dealer Diagnostic Tool, for Mclaren vehicle diagnosis and Software update,fault finding and control unit Coding Flash Programming,allows the team to gather all the required information required to diagnose and repair faults, or reflash control units to a new software platform. MDS system has automatic update.McLaren MDS adoption Tablet computer,equipped with first generation VCI diagnostic interface.
McLaren MDS Diagnostic software runs on tablet , with valid McLaren mds license, The Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI) is physically connected to the car using the OBD II port,VCI is supplied with a USB cable.system login account password can be modified by yourself.
McLaren MDS once the VIN is successfully recognised and the Work Package is confirmed, the MDS launches the Vehicle Information page.
McLaren MDS License account password,Purchases of all MDS and VCI units from McLaren factory service department include 24-month MDS valid licences. for ease of management we usually set a 12-month period for McLaren dealer. The Licence agreement for using the diagnostic application runs for 24 months. After this 24-month period elapses the application will cease working and a new key will be required. Your may contact McLaren service support engineer or contact representative Super Luxury Cars Service Center can assist with this requirement.
McLaren MDS allows the user to read and clear fault codes, diagnose and resolve technical issues, and reflash the software in the electrical modules.
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