Lamborghini VAS ODIS, Lamborghini LDAS LARA ODIS Diagnostic Tester Tools,OEM Lamborghini Diagnosis.
VAS ODIS Diagnostic system:
This is the latest Lamborghini diagnostic system,to manage the diagnosis of the complete electronic vehicle space from the following Lamborghini models: Avantador, Huracan, Urus and Gallardo from MY2009,
During vehicle diagnosis, you can also access the following information:
Vehicle data,Repair guide,System structure description, Wiring diagram,Technical Bulletin,Technical product information……
VAS ODIS has following functions:
• Read fault code
• Clear fault code
• Test actuator
• Basic adjustment
• Read measurement data block
• Separate channel data
• Control unit coding
• Adaptive matching
• ElsaPro system
• Software refresh
• Log in online
• online Coding Flash Programming
• Set the service provider code
• Send car chassis number
• Through convenient upgrades,,In time can be service latest models
• With obd-ⅱ diagnostic function
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