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Lamborghini LARA VAS ODIS Diagnostic. for managing complete electronic vehicle platform of Lamborghini models diagnostics work ,can do all Lamborghini aftermarket technician diagnostic service work, guided troubleshooting helps even the inexperienced user get results quickly. main functions include through run diagnosis tests,read dele control unit DTC fault code,read Measured parameters,data capture,component test,SVM software version management,ECU coding flashing programming,ECU software update upgrade,egear flash programming,key adaptation programming,immobiliser components matching,removal component protection ,reset calibrate,measurement function,adjustment function,access complete workshop technical service information repair manual wiring diagram technical bulletins…..
Lamborghini LARA Diagnostic System. LARA provides complete diagnostics for Lamborghini vehicle ECUs. for example the Murcielago Gallardo Diablo, Fault read and clear,Control unit basic settings,Control unit software update, flash programming,Remote control key programming learn,ZKE system, ILM ECU, Radio and HiFi system, AC and Climate control system, AirBag control and reset, LIE and EGear ECUS. The most important feature is the ability to run the Purge, Prime, and reset the Kiss point on ALL Murciealgo and Gallardo E-Gear clutches. allow you to recalibrate the E-Gear system and diagnose eGear related problems. NOT just measure life left on the clutch, but you can RESET it too.
LARA diagnostic system function modes includes automatic mode and analysis mode. in automatic mode,can be automated a series of tasks,such as settings, ECU checks, remote key resynchronization, etc., after replacing some electronic equipment control units in the car, if you want to re-enable these devices, you need to run this mode. In analysis mode, can be manually controlled each piece of onboard electronics,Display of identification data and functional parameters, display and reset of any errors in the control unit, active testing (via special files such as “measurement files”) to monitor the required parameters.
Lamborghini LDAS Diagnostic System. LDAS is provides diagnostics based on the CAN bus interface between the computer and the vehicle controls.Can monitor engine status parameters, provide engine tuning and diagnostics (including OBD II) all the information needed.full sensor readings and engine balance. Gives you real time engine data and sensor monitoring. It also provide tuning capabilities to adjust and save throttle body position and response, foot pedal positions and response, and well as lift system adjustments.
Lamborghini ODIS Diagnostic System. offboard diagnostic information system (ODIS) service program is used in the field of workshop diagnosis.ODIS is system specially developed by Volkswagen Group for vehicle fault diagnosis and maintenance,service is designed for all brands in the Volkswagen group. the ODIS is very powerful diagnostic resource, capable of comprehensive vehicle diagnosis, can complete every function require by workshops and technician. the professional Lamborghini ODIS diagnostic system is Lamborghini exclusive special version,cannot be used on other brands of cars. Lamborghini ODIS Its main functions include through with guided fault finding diagnosis assist vehicle repairs,identify vehicle control modules,reading control units DTC memory entries,SVM software version management,ECU control units coding flashing programming,software update upgrade,component protection,measurement support,function adjustment reset calibrate,access complete workshop technical service information.
Lamborghini ODIS Diagnosis, in the diagnostic starts working,connection to the vehicle is established, the login into the group Lamborghini systems is completed, vehicle is identified. can performed automatic or manual identified vehicle,to make sure the vehicle and equipment are identified correctly. in identified the vehicle control module after,performed starting GFF guided fault finding workshop work. In the test plan and special functions section, execute start module and traversal test, automatic calculated test plan, adjust if necessary.
Lamborghini ODIS Flashing control unit module,ECU programming, the process used in Flashing mode is very similar to Diagnosis mode, When entering the flashing process, the vehicle is connected to the tester and identified, login to the group Lamborghini systems is completed, an order is selected for the session and the control modules are identified, the Flash programs determined for the vehicle can then be performed.
Lamborghini SVM software version management, SVM was developed to ensure the are correct hardware and software for each ECU of the vehicle. software version management system allows you to update and/or configure the control unit module ECUs across the entire Lamborghini platform vehicles (eg after replacing ECU) via a network connection,adapt the electronic control units to the configuration of individual vehicles. SVM check vehicle configuration,by comparing the current vehicle data with the stored server data, ensures that all control units that are installed in the vehicle have the same part numbers, software versions, coding, and parameter data that were last recorded, If any discrepancies are found, SVM will display notifications and respond to work instructions,Update ECU software,ECU Coding,ECU Setting parameters,ECU Calibration…
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