Ferrari VCI OBD Diagnostic Interface,Ferrari DEIS diagnostic Tester,Ferrari DEIS Diagnostic Tool, Ferrari DEIS Tester,Ferrari DEIS Diagnostic System,oem Ferrari DEIS MVCI EOBD Diagnostic Tester Tool.
The tool supports the diagnostics on the following FERRARI vehicles:
F430 and later models,Automatic system update,In time can be service latest models.
The DEIS tool functions are:
• Reading and deletion of DTC errors.
• Reading and acquisition of vehicle parameters
• Actuators
• Cycles (short trip)
• ECU flashing (updates)
• ECU configuration flashing (Proxy)
• Vehicle configuration modification
• Technical documentation
DEIS Intelligent Diagnosis:
• Troubleshooting: Description of error and definition of immediate error solution
• Development of diagnosis in parallel: Possibility of performing diagnosis on
several ECUs at the same time
• Logging of VIN&errors: Real-time monitoring and creation of vehicle data
database (km, odometer, CCM) and errors for each vehicle scan in
• Optimisation of Support Service Forms:
• Activity Management: Updating of CCM, Proxi.
• Vehicle History: Vehicle information available directly on DEIS (campaigns,
services, warranties, ROLs)
• Service: Guided check list for servicing and data recording
• Vehicle Delivery: Guided check list for evaluation checks and data recording
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