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Xpeng XPDS Diagnostic Tester Tool,OEM Xpeng Diagnostic,Xpeng Electric cars diagnosis.

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Xpeng XPDS Diagnostic Tester Tool.
Language: English,Chinese,,,,,,
Delivery time: can be sent to any country within 16 days.
Xpeng XPDS used for Xpeng vehicle Fault scanning diagnosis, component action test, parameter writing, module replacement, programming firmware update etc.
XPDS system can be updated,Through convenient upgrades,,In time can be service latest models.
Supported models: Xpeng G3 P7 P5  …..

Tool warranty period is 2 years. We also provide long-term technical service support. If the factory has a new diagnostic tester tool update Substitute, we can also recovery buy back your tools equipment.


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