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Maserati MD MDEVO MDEVO2 Diagnostic Tester Tool,Maserati MD MDEVO Diagnosis system,Oem Maserati Diagnostics,Maserati new Diagnosis.

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Maserati MD MDEVO MDEVO2 Diagnostic Tester Tool.
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Delivery time:can be sent to any country within 18 days.
Maserati OEM all complete functional service, Vehicle Diagnostic,Diagnostic guidance,Dynamic parameters, fault reading and clearing,Coding match,special function,Vehicle Flash programming ECU,Proxi update,Technical information search.

MD Support Model:
Ghibli AM336,Quattroporte AM337,3200GT AM338, Coupé 4200 M138, Spyder 4200 M138, MC12,GranTurismo M145, GranCabrio M145,MC Stradale M145, Quattroporte M139,Ghibli M157,MD for models produced after 2018 will not be supported for diagnosis.

MDEVO Support Model:
1992–present ,All models of, system Automatic update,Ghibli AM336,Quattroporte AM337,3200GT AM338, Coupé 4200 M138, Spyder 4200 M138, MC12,GranTurismo M145, GranCabrio M145,MC Stradale M145,GT Convertible, Quattroporte M139,Ghibli M157, Levante M161,MC20,,,,,,

•MD Carrying WindowsXP system, Equipped Panasonic CF-19 Computer,
•MDEVO Carrying Windows8 system, Equipped Panasonic CF-D1 Tablet Computer.
•MDEVO2 Carrying Windows10 system, Equipped Panasonic CF-D1 Tablet Computer,MDEVO2 is the upgrade of the MDEVO, it is the last generation tablet with the new Operating System Windows 10. It is designed to natively support on Windows 10 the diagnosis of M156, M157 and M161 vehicles. It is designed to support diagnosis of cars already supported by MD running a virtual machine loaded with MD software. MD will remain fully functional on car models up to M156/M157 MY17 and M145 MY18. MD cannot be used in the M161 and next car models.
The software will be automatically updated as soon as updates are available, with noadditional costs, by connecting the system to the Internet and running the automatic.
The management of MD/MDEVO/MDEVO2 licenses is annual. Each license activatedduring the current year will expire on December 31st of the current year, After the first activation, there is no need to pay the license fee within 2 years, and the system will automatically update the license. Starting from the third year, you need to pay 1900USD per year to enjoy the update.

Currently Maserati factory ships the latest MDEVO2. If you need MD or MDEVO, please contact us.
Diagnostic Tool KIT Checklist:
>Maserati Diagnostic Tester EVO
>Maserati MDEVO2 CF-D1 Tablet
>Maserati Diagnosi EVOluzione
>Maserati MDVCI Diagnostic KIT
>Maserati MDEVO Diagnostic KIT
>Maserati MDEVO Docking Station
>Maserati EOBD Adapter
>Maserati OBD Adapter
>Maserati Ethernet Cable
>Maserati MDEVO lind car charger
>Maserati MDEVO Ethernet Cable
>Maserati MDEVO Ac/Dc adapter
>Maserati MDEVO Stylus Pen
>Maserati MDEVO Battery
>Maserati MDEVO Power Cord
>Maserati MDEVO USB Cable
>Maserati MDEVO 4-wire cable
>Maserati MDEVO 2 Tool Bag
>Maserati MDEVO 2 Jazz scope carry case
>Maserati MDEVO Quick Start Guide
>Maserati MDEVO Activation License Code
>Maserati MDEVO Use Instruction manual
>Maserati Technical Documentation system
>Maserati online service support account password

.Tool warranty period is 5 years. We also provide long-term technical service support. If the factory has a new diagnostic tester tool update Substitute, we can also recovery buy back your tools equipment.

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